Westfield House

China and Porcelain Paints

Blood Red Cp001 (A)

Cappacine Red CP002 (A)


Finely Ground American and Japanese onglaze colours. Firing range 750-800 deg C.

Dark Cheek CP003 (A)

Derby Red CP015(A)

Dull Red CP004 (A)

Meissen Red CP014 (A)

Persian Red CP005 (A)

Pink Pompadour CP006 (A)

Poppy Red CP007 (A)

Red 24 CP007 (A)

Red Grape CP009 (A)

Red For Roses cp016 (A)

Red Pompadour CP010 (A)

Red Red CP402 (A)

Santa Red CP011 6gms (A)

Venetian Red CP012 6gms (A)

Yellow Red CP013 6gms (A)

Ashes of Roses CP023 (A)

Candy Pink CP024 (A)


Dresden Pink CP036 (A)

Dubarry Rose CP025(A)

Dusky Pink CP026 (A)

Flamingo Pink CP027 5gms (A)

Fushia Pink CP028 (A)

Peach CP030 (A)

Perfect Pink CP031

Pink for Roses CP032 (A)

Rosa Pink CP033 (A)

Rhynnes New Pink CP034 (A)

Soft Pink CP035 (A)

Shell PInk CP037 (A)

American Beauty Cp046 (A)

Black Grape CP047 (A)


Deep Purple CP049 (A)

Deep Raspberry CP050(A)

Dk American Beauty CP048 (A)

Dk. Violet CP059 6gms (A)

Elderberry Purple CP051 (A)

Iris Purple CP052 (A)

Mulberry CP053 (A)

Pansy Purple CP058 (A)

Pink Purple CP054 (A)

Rich Pansy Purple CP055 (A)

Royal Violet CP056 (A)

Violet CP057 (A)

Dark Chestnut Brown Cp067 (A)

Finishing Brown CP068 (A)


Finishing Brown CP068 (A)

Hair Brown CP069(A)

Lt Chestnut Brown CP070 (A) (A)

Warm Brown "Mid" CP071 5gms (A)

Ochre CP079 (A)

Red Brown CP073 (A)

Rich Brown CP074 (A)

Sepia CP075 (A)

Tan CP076 (A)

Toffee CP077 (A)

Violet of Iron CP078 (A)

Daffodil Yellow CP147 (A)

Deep Yellow CP148 (A)


Dark Yellow Brown CP156 (A)

Egg Yellow CP050(A)

Fruit Orange CP149 (A)

Golden Yellow CP150 7gms (A)

Light Yellow CP0151 (A)

Mixing Yellow CP152 (A)

New Orange CP160 (A)

Sunny Yellow CP154 (A)

Yellow Brown CP155 (A)

Yellow For Reds CP158 (A)

Yellow Orange CP157 (A)

Antique Green CP088 (A)

Beryl Green CP089 (A)


Black Green CP090 (A)

Bronze Green CP091(A)

Brown Green CP092 (A)

Celedon Green CP113(A)

Chartreuse CP093 (A)

Dark Green CP094 (A)

Dark Shading Green CP095 (A)

Emerald Green CP112 (A)

Grey Green CP118 (A)

Grass Green CP096 (A)

Holly Green CP097 (A)

Imperial Green CP098 (A)

Mallard Green CP099 6gms (A)

Mountain Green CP100 6gms (A)

Moss Green CP114 (A)

Old Gold Green CP101 (A)

Olive Green CP102 (A)

Peacock Green CP103 (A)

Pine Green CP104 (A)

Rose Leaf Green CP105 (A)

Seaweed Green CP106 (A)

Sherwood Green CP107 6gms (A)

Sultan Green CP108 (A)

Sevres Green CP109 (A)

Spring Green CP111 (A)

Water Green CP110 (A)

Air Blue CP120 (A)

Baby Blue CP121 (A)


Copenhagen Blue CP122 (A)

Cornflower Blue CP123(A)

Delft Blue CP124 (A) (A)

Forget me not Blue CP125 5gms (A)

Hazy Blue CP126 (A)

Lapis Blue CP127 (A)

Malachite CP1128 (A)

Midnight Blue CP129(A)

Nasu Blue CP130 (A)

Nokojo Blue CP131 (A)

Peacock Blue Cp132 (A)

Periwinkle Blue CP133 (A)

Royal Blue CP134(A)

Sky Blue CP135(A)

Sevres Blue CP136 (A)

Turquoise Blue CP138 (A)

Wedgewood Blue CP137(A)

Deep Black CP167 (A)

Black CP168 (A)


Blue Grey CP169 (A)

Cream CP170(A)

Ivory CP193 (A) (A)

Imperial Ivory CP185 (A)

Japanese White CP172

Mixing White CP173 (A)

Pearl Grey cp174 (A)

Pink Glaze CP175(A)

White Rose CP176 (A)

Flux CP177 (A)

I Relief CP178 (A)

Flaking Powder CP179 (A)

Light Grey CP184(A)

Base For Gold CP180(A)

Gold Underlay CP181 (A)

White Raised Enamel CP182 (A)

Sculpture Paste CP183(A)

Japanese White can be used as paint or enamel.

Mix Flaking powder with water.

Royal Blue CP134(A)

Outline Colour CP500(A)

Sculpture paste, holds glass to china and porcelain

Blonde Flesh Cp289 (A)

Reflected Light CP290 (A)

Jane Marcks Portrait Colours

Warm Shadow CP291 (A)

Mahogany CP292(A)

Rebrandt Brown Green CP293 (A)

Flesh No1 CP294 (A)

Flesh Shadow CP295

Light Red CP296

Violet of Iron CP297

Cool Shadow CP298(A)

Baby Blue CP299 (A)

Transparency CP300 (A)

Hair Brown CP301 (A)

Dark Brown CP302(A)

Dk Chestnut Brown CP311(A)

Light Grey CP304(A)

Ivory Flesh CP306 (A)

Pompadour CP308 (A)

Light Chestnut Brown CP310(A)

Warm Grey CP 303 (A)

Black Green CP314(A)

LOri Pink CP329(A)

Autumn Green CP3316A)

Soft Rose CP329(A)

Dark Blue CP321(A)

Ivory CP193 (A)

Sepia CP197 (A)

One Fire Colours (Maro C de Freitas)

Venetian Red CP012(A)

Creme CP194

Green No1 Cp198

Blood Red CP001(A)

Dk. American Beauty CP203 (A)

Caramel CP195(A)

Pink (Rosa) CP196 A)

Red 24 CP008(A)

Green No 2 CP199

Green No3 CP200

Green No4 CP201

Green No5 CP202

The Pottery Artist limited pallette

Perfect Pink CP031

American Beauty CP046 (A)

Malachite CP128 (A)

Royal Blue CP134(A)

Fruit Orange CP149 (A) (A)

Mixing Yellow CP152 (A)

Warm Brown "Mid" CP071 5gms (A)

Beryl Green CP089 (A)