Westfield House

Colours For Glass

Firing temperature 560 - 600 Deg. C.

Z003 Midnight Blue 6gms £1.35

Z004 Royal Blue 6gms £1.35

Z005 Cornflower Blue 7gms £1.35

Z006 Wedgewood Blue 7gm £1.35

Z007 Turquoise Blue 6gms £1.35

Opaque Glass Colours

Z008 Jade 6gms £1.35

Z009 Chartreuse 7gms £1.35

Z010 Moss Green 7gms £1.35

Z010 Moss Green 7gms £1.35

Z011 Russain Green 7gms £1.35

Z012 Dark Green 6gms £1.35

Z013 Shading Green 6gms £1.35



Z014 Cream 7gms £1.35

Z015 Sunshine Yellow 7gms £1.35

Creams  Yellows Orange

Z016 Light Yellow 7gms £1.35

Z025 Apricot 7gms £1.35


Z019 Tan 7gms £1.35

Z020 Chocolate Brown 7gm £1.35

Black White Grey

Z021 Dk. Chestnut Brown 7gms £1.35

Z022 Black 6gms £1.35

Z023 Pearl Grey 7gms £1.35

Z024 White 7gms £1.35

Z018 Ivory 7gms £1.35

Reds Pinks Purples

Z026 Yellow Red 7gms £1.35

Z027 Blood Red 7gms £1.35

Z028 Dark Coral 7gms £1.35

Z029 Shell Pink 7gms £1.35

Z030 Rose Pink 7gms £1.35

Z031 Bilberry 3gms £1.60

Z032 Violet 4gms £1.60

Z033 Heliotrope 5gms £1.60

Tranparent Glass Colours

Firing temperature Gives the look of stained glass 560 - 600 Deg. C.

Z034 Sapphire 5gms £1.35

Z035 Aquamarine 6gms £1.35

Z036 Peridot Green 7gms £1.35

Z037 Topaz Yellow 7gms £1.35

Z038 Amber 3gms £1.60

Z039 Smokey Quartz 6gms £1.35

Z040 Amethyst 4gms £1.60

Z041 Ruby 3gms £1.60

Z042 Rose Amethyst 4gms £1.60

Z043 Opal Blue 7gms £1.35

Z044 Jade 7gms £1.35

Metalic Glass Colours

Z056 Metalic Gold 4gms £1.35

Z058 Metalic Bronze 4gms £1.35

Z057 Metalic Copper 4gms £1.35

Z059 Metalic Frosty White 4gms £1.35

Lustres for Glass

Just use your china painting lustres most work well on both.

Painting Mediums for Glass

Just use your china painting Mediums most work well on both.

Coloured Crystals for Glass

Just apply copaiba to area that is to be decorated and sprinkle on crystals and fire 560-600 deg. cent..

Z045 Medium Clear Crystals 15gms £2.00

Z046 Hard Clear Crystals 15gms £2.00

Z047 Rosa Pink Crystals 15gms £3.20

Z050 Turquoise Crystals 15gms £2.60

Z051 Light Blue Crystals 15gms £2.60

Z054 Cognac Crystals 15gms £2.60

Z055 Topaz Crystals 15gms £2.60

Crystal Magic

A clear Varnish type liquid that dries to form crystaline patterns over fired lustre ar fired bright gold. It gives beautiful effects. Can also be used underneath lustres before firing.

CM10 Crystal Magic £3.95

Z002 Flux for Glass 7gms £1.35