Westfield House

Gold and Metallic Colours for China and Porcelain

Bright Gold 10%

Firing temperature 730-800 Deg. C.

Bright Gold

Bright Gold 12%

Gold and Lustre Thnners

Gold and Lustre thinners

Irridescent Metalic Silver Yellow CP321 4gms £1.40

Bright Immitation Metal Colours for China and Porcelain

Powder onglaze Iridescent Metalic Colours give a lustrous effect when applied in a thin even coat - very effective on dark backgrounds firing range 800-900 deg C

Irridescent Metalic Green CP322 4gms £1.40

Irridescent Metalic Blue CP323 4gms £1.40

Irridescent Metalic Blue Violet CP324 4gms £1.40

Irridescent Metalic Red CP325 4gms £1.40

Powder onglaze Satin Metalic Colours  firing range 800-900 deg C

Satin Metalic Gold CP328 4gms £1.40

Satin Metalic Dk Gold CP329 4gms £1.40

Satin Metalic Golden Red CP330 4gms £1.40

Satin Metalic Bronze CP331 4gms £1.40

Satin Metalic Copper CP332 4gms £1.40

Satin Metalic Pink CP333 4gms £1.40

Satin Metalic Blue CP334 4gms £1.40

Satin Metalic Green CP335 4gms £1.40