Westfield House

Lustres for China and Porcelain

L11 Apple Green 5gm £5.50

L11 Apple Green 5gm £5.50

L25 Black 2gm £9.50

L07 Bright Blue 3gm £4.95

L18 Brilliant Orange 5gm £3.95

L13 Bottle Green Lustre 4gm £5.50

L19 Carmine 2gm £7.95

L14 Cinnamon Lustre 5gms £4.50

L06 Cobalt dk. Blue 2gm £6.50

L16 Dk. Brown 3gm £4.50

L15 Golden Brown 5gm £4.50

L10 Leaf Green 4gm £5.50

L05 Light Blue 5gm £5.95

L04 Lilac M.O.P 5gm £5.50

L01 Mother of Pearl 5gm £3.95

L02 Mother of Pearl 15gm £9.50

L12 Pine Green 4gm £5.50

L20 Red Lustre 1gm £5.25

L23 Rose Pink 3gm £6.50

L09 Sea Blue Green 4gm £5.50

L26 Silver Grey 5gm £5.75

L52 Silver Mother of pearl 5gm £5.75

L08 Turquoise 4gm £5.50

L21 Violet 2gm £5.95

L27 White (mixing) 5gm £4.20

L03 Yellow M.O.P 5gm £4.50

Firing temperature 730-800 Deg. C.

Please note most lustres will work on porcelain, china and glass.